• Uses the highest level of security available; secure portal provided by Wells Fargo
  • HTTPS URL used for complete security
  • ACH Drafts directly from a bank account
  • Information is hosted outside of Allen Tate’s website and processed on a completely secure  portal that uses tokenization to transport the payment from payee to settlement account. This offers the same amount of security as your banking portal access via Wells Fargo, and  consists of all applicable firewalls with the same level of security of a banking system if not  more. 
  • E-Bill Express takes reasonable and appropriate physical, administrative, and technical measures  to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of personal  information.
  • The information is protected by Wells Fargo and not shared/sold to third party  providers.  





  • Automated email confirmation from the bank once you set up the payment
  • Instant availability of refund at termination via direct deposit; no checks, no mail
  • Self service from mobile or computer
  • You do not have to set up an account; easy one time payment
  • ACH draft is more convenient and secure
  • You log on to portal and enter bank account information directly
  • You do not share your bank account information with anyone else
  • You do not have to make or receive a verification call as you typically do when you wire money
  • There is no additional charge as there is with a wire transfer