Top home renovation and remodeling trends to watch out for in 2022

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The remodeling craze will continue well into 2022, as forecasters predict an increase in home improvement spending in the coming year.

According to a report from Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity, LIRA predicts a year over year growth of 9% in home improvement and repair spending in the last quarter of 2021, and maintains that this trend will only continue in the next year.

Multipurpose rooms

We’ve mentioned multipurpose spaces before, but in 2022 and beyond, builders, designers and realtors all agree–these types of rooms will be key.

In 2022, if you’re not searching for a home that’s full of rooms that pull their weight in terms of functionality, you’re renovating your home to help you achieve those room goals.

At the bare minimum, buyers and homeowners want their kitchen to serve many needs. Large islands are a must, creating a space for food prepping, eating, and an area for homework and the occasional ZOOM call.

Pantries aren’t just for food storage, as more and more millennials start the trend of multiuse pantries–which work as a place for appliances like coffee makers, and toaster ovens, while even doubling as a mudroom.

Beyond the kitchen, homeowners and home searchers alike are looking for home offices that double as game rooms or a place to entertain friends after dinner.

Moving away from white

Every year designers threaten that the white kitchen is totally out, and this year they’re serious! Moody hues like green are making a huge splash in the kitchen cabinet color world, and beyond that, homeowners are asking for blues, blacks and even beige!

Despite the fact that interior designers are always pushing for more color in the kitchen, a classic white kitchen is timeless and will always be popular, so don’t rush out to paint all of your white cabinets green if you don’t want to!

Outdoor living

Prior to 2020, outdoor spaces were last to be renovated, but now, thanks to the desire to spend more time at home, homeowners are putting outdoor enhancements at the top of the list.

Backyards and patios are now thought of an extension of indoor living spaces, with homeowners spending more than ever to construct and outfit their space.

Pizza ovens and full kitchens are being heavily requested as outdoor parties grow in popularity.

Organic/natural elements

The last 18 months or so of living inside has made the majority of homeowners gravitate towards the great outdoors when choosing elements to redesign their spaces with.

Grasscloth, hues of green and brown, flora and fauna patterns and larger-than-life windows are all making waves in the interior design world.

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