Seniors … What Do They Want in Community Amenities?

May 9, 2014 - By

VeryLongCardGameNow that Baby Boomers are the dominant home buyer profile for senior housing, they are sounding off loud and clear on what amenities they want. It’s no longer just about what’s inside the gates of the community, but also how close is that grocery store?

The traditional retirement community is still thriving. The golf course, clubhouse, concierge services and exercise facilities are still a requisite in retirement communities. However there seems to be a trend of retirees desiring to age in place in their current communities.

Research conducted by AARP discovered that the discerning retiree/senior, whether in a retirement community or aging in place, is looking for other conveniences besides the recreational or social.

So what are these savvy Baby Boomer buyers wanting in their new surroundings? According to the research, between 42-50 percent of the general population surveyed expressed a desire for these top four amenities – bus stop, grocery store, pharmacy and a park within one mile of their home. Surprisingly, fewer than 30 percent indicated a desire to have a hospital, place of worship, commuter train or big box retail within that same mile.

Just when the builders and developers thought they had this whole retirement thing figured out, the Baby Boomers have thrown them another curve. Good urban planning will now be the retirement community’s new best friend.

Mike LaRuffa
President, Builder Services Inc.
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