5 design trends inspired by the HGTV 2021 Dream Home

March 18, 2021 - By marketing@allentate.com

For months design fanatics and home decor lovers have been brimming with excitement in anticipation of what the latest HGTV dream home might reveal in terms of design and aesthetic. The long-awaited wait is now over, and we can now all collectively drool over the beautiful photos–thank goodness!

Despite the fact that there’s only one winner (bummer!) we can take design cues from the latest dream home and incorporate those into our own home. Ready to update your space with the latest home decor trends? Here are 5 trends we’d be more than happy to borrow from the home and how to make them work for your space.

Bold, dramatic color

Neutral colors like white and greige have recently hogged the spotlight, but now it’s time for those colors to take a backseat. 

If there’s anything we learned from viewing the beautiful photos from the Dream Home, it’s that bold, dramatic color is definitely in. Starting from the front door, which is a rich dark turquoise, you’re immediately greeted with a dramatic berry tone in the foyer. In the kitchen, instead of the traditional all-white cabinets and countertops, you’ll notice navy blue cabinets paired with butcher block counters. 

The berry-red walls are carried upstairs and we’re met with even more color there too; a bright green guest bathroom, a powder blue bedroom and even an orangy-copper color in the laundry room.

All of this color still feels modern, as the home is filled with ample natural light. You’ll also notice crisp white trim and a good bit of natural and wooden elements filling the home, which work to significantly soften the bold color choices.

Suffice to say, if you’ve been dying to experiment with color in your home, now’s the time. 

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Black rimmed windows

Made popular by modern farmhouses, black rimmed windows are a design trend that many homeowners are happily adopting. Despite the daring color choices throughout the home’s interior, the home’s exterior is rather subdued. The gray-toned home is brought to life through the use of black-rimmed windows. White trim outlines each window, making the black windows stand out significantly.

Wooden tones

There was a period of time when everyone was sprinting from anything wooden–mostly because the homes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s had entirely too many wooden elements that never worked too well together. 

Now, as homeowners and designers have had time to recover from their almost innate response to throw anything wooden into the dumpster, wood tones are slowly making a comeback.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the honey-orange wood that haunted many kitchens for decades. In the 2021 dream home you’ll notice the traditional wood floors are darker in color, but they’re balanced out through the use of lighter toned wood decor and furniture.

Immediately off the foyer we notice acacia wooden chairs, reclaimed wooden end tables, a beautiful light wooden table and various accents throughout the home in contrasting wooden tones. The home also makes a daring choice and opts for butcher block countertops, rather than quartz or marble. 

Natural elements

Designers know the best way to make modern furniture look timeless is to balance it out with plenty of natural, earthy tones, and the 2021 dream home does this perfectly. 

In the entryway, a light woven table pairs nicely with the darker wooden floors. A crisp white couch is flanked with reclaimed wood end tables and accentuated with a rattan coffee table. Three large woven pendant lights hang gracefully over the dining table and twine pendants provide much of the light in the kitchen.

Moving upstairs, you’ll notice woven wooden pendants in the bedrooms, several wooden-rimmed mirrors, cane detailing in accent chairs and many woven baskets throughout. 

Mix and match

Gone are the days of buying complete bedroom, dining room or living room sets. Today’s modern homes look more eclectic in nature, combining elements that wouldn’t be sold as a unit.

The main living room in the 2021 Dream Home illustrates this trend beautifully– a crisp white couch is paired with two aqua blue arm chairs, flanked with reclaimed wood end tables and finished off with a rattan coffee table. Even the sources of light in the room are vastly different– two traditional lamps are accompanied by a rustic lamp and modern silver chandelier. 

In the guest bedroom a metal-framed bed is edged by two antique nightstands. A woven pendant hangs above the room and pairs well with  two red modern lamps. In the corner, a bright red chair that reminds us of mid-century modern piece is paired with a wooden desk.

By working with pieces that don’t come in a set and instead choosing different furniture and decor that work well together  to create a carefully curated space. 

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