5 powerful takeaways from HGTV’s Unsellable Houses

August 5, 2021 - By marketing@allentate.com

If you haven’t watched twin reality stars Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb use a few simple tricks to help homes sitting stagnant on the market earn top dollar, in HGTV’s show, Unsellable Houses, you’re missing out.

Don’t have time to binge the show? Here are 5 powerful takeaways to help you sell your home, fast!

Consider potential ROI before you demo

Just because your kitchen boasts yellow oak or cherry cabinets, don’t replace them if they’re in good condition, advises the dynamic duo.

Instead, focus on a good deep clean, staging accessories and inexpensive updates like new hardware, lights and a light and bright paint color.

This advice is right in line with the latest Home Improvement Cost vs. Value report, as well–reporting homeowners that even do a modest kitchen remodel can only expect to recoup 70%.

Don’t replace, just paint

Replacing trim like baseboards is so expensive, Davis and Lamb explain, and instead of ripping out trim they advise homeowners looking to sell to paint it instead.

The twins have even had luck painting tired tile floors and often advises clients to do the same, given that the tiles are in good shape.

We couldn’t agree more, and have written several articles on the power of paint, especially when trying to sell a home, fast!

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Create multi-use rooms

In light of COVID, buyers are on the hunt for homes that have space for a home office.

Instead of turning a three bedroom house into a two bedroom house by way of converting a bedroom to an office, the design duo opts to turn an unused corner of the living room into a work from home space.

The more space a home has, the more you can incorporate this concept. Turn a bonus room into a space for the kids to do homework, plus a family movie spot and a place to workout–all with creative staging.

Rather than turn away buyers from the onset that are specifically looking for three bedrooms, the sisters always find a way to creatively use space.

This is a trend we have been seeing for a while and even named multipurpose rooms a top interior design trend to watch in 2021.

Evaluate the open concept

Open concept homes are great, and still at the top of most buyers’ wish lists, but if not staged correctly, they can leave buyers wondering what to do with the space.

Make sure to give each space a purpose. Anchoring sections of a large, open room with a rug and furniture groupings is a good idea. The HGTV stars always advise homeowners to stage each room, allowing buyers to see the home’s full potential.

Spend time staging the exterior

Many sellers put too much emphasis on their home’s interior, completely forgetting about the first impression factor, leaving a bad taste in many would-be buyers’ mouths.

It’s an absolute must to clear away weeds and overgrown bushes and shrubs from the front of the home. Fresh mulch, newly-planted flowers and a good pressure wash are also good ideas, too.

Don’t forget about the backyard, too. In light of COVID, many buyers are searching for outdoor living spaces, and will want to see the home’s backyard living possibilities.

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