5 Common kitchen design mistakes to avoid

September 9, 2021 - By marketing@allentate.com

Planning a kitchen renovation yourself? Design your kitchen like a pro when you avoid these 5 kitchen design mistakes.

Not factoring in enough space

By far, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not accounting for adequate walkway space, causing their renovated kitchen to seem too small.

You want to aim for at least 36 inches of clearance between countertops. Thirty nine inches is even better and four feet is the gold standard when it comes to space in a kitchen.

Don’t add in an island if you can’t get at least 36-39 inches of clearance space or you’ll regret the traffic jam you’ve created.

Not thinking through how the kitchen will function for you

If you’re remodeling a kitchen you have the opportunity to design it to fit your family’s needs. For example, think about the prep space and its proximity to the trash can, or the dishwasher’s proximity to your plates and glasses, etc.

You’ll also need to think about your storage solutions– take inventory of everything you have and assign a space for them in your new kitchen. Make sure you have adequate pantry storage, too.

Making lighting mistakes

Not choosing enough lighting or choosing lighting that overwhelms the space is a common mistake many homeowners tend to make.

If you live in an older home and have 8 foot ceilings, but still want pendant lights, opt for something light and airy, instead of big and bold, so that it won’t overwhelm your space.

Placing pendant lights too close together or too far apart is another issue for many homeowners. Try to space pendants about 30″ apart and make sure they’re also 30″ off the countertop, too–you don’t want someone trying to talk around a light.

Pendant height is important too: a good rule of thumb is to make sure your pendants are no higher than 72 inches off the floor.

A mixture of recessed lighting, pendants and under cabinet lights are recommended so that you have ample light.

Choosing items that are too trendy

Coming in at $75,000 for a major kitchen remodel, according to Remodeling Magazine, a kitchen renovation is a big expense–which means most people will only do it one time.

Make sure you choose timeless elements so that your kitchen won’t look dated five years down the road. You can have fun by incorporating trendy items that are less costly to replace–think barstools, light fixtures, faucets, and hardware.

Leaving too much on display

We get it, open shelving is huge right now–but unless you keep a pristine home, you may want to rethink this. Compromise by opting for a small amount of open shelving that you can use to display decrative bowls, vases and cookbooks. Having too much open shelving can quickly make a kitchen look cluttered.

Additionally, free up counter space by storing as many smaller appliances in easy-to-access cabinets. Rework outlets to move them in the cabinets so it’s truly a seamless process.

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