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I’m a Southern Girl, born and raised in Southeastern Virginia. My job as a Marketing Support Representative with American Airlines brought me to Raleigh in 1990 and I’ve loved calling the area home! I met my husband Glenn, a Raleigh native, in 1993, and I’ve learned a lot about Raleigh’s history from him.


Through many years in the travel industry, I saw lots of changes. Advanced technologies made it easier for travelers to research and handle all their own arrangements. Folks thought perhaps this would make the services of a Professional Travel Agent obsolete. Vacation planning was becoming a Do-It-Yourself project. But many grew weary of DIY. Many were disappointed once they arrived at their destination. Others simply tired of investing their leisure time researching their vacation plans.


Home Buyers and Sellers today face many of the same challenges. Its fun to shop online, whether for merchandise, a vacation or a new home. But when its time to negotiate, that’s where I come in. At Allen Tate, we have the most accurate market resources at our fingertips! So why go it alone? I love helping clients with Buying and Selling and am eager to help you find your perfect hone!


I’m also a Notary Public so be sure to keep this in mind when you need a notary for your legal documents! Proud to be at your service.


Licensed in North Carolina.

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