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I believe the "Movie Moments" in life are what keeps us moving forward. We have all experienced them. Those are the moments when everything comes together and you know you are exactly where you need to be...

I was born in the Pittsburgh area and moved to SC in 2001. Before that, I was the Marketing and Sales Manager of a new candle company. I was very fortunate to be apart of a successful company from the very beginning. During my time there, I helped develop sales programs for over 40 sales representatives in the US. I was the a line representative at the Trade Shows, designing the show displays and selling the product. I even helped develop packaging, accessories and fragrances!

Moving to SC and I wanted to jump right in and "be in the middle" of it all, so I applied to T-bones on the Lake as a waitress. What a great opportunity! I also met my Husband there (that's another story). I was then hired as an Administrative Assistant for SSI Schaefer Systems International working for the Director of Automation.

After my daughter, Joyelle, was born, I wanted to stay home and left SSI. I was hired to be the "Money Penny" of a Material Handling Installer's company. I had the best of both Worlds. I was able to be with my little one and work from home. When the company dissolved, I found Real Estate.

Real Estate allows me to use my Sales and Marketing background to in the best way possible. There is nothing like being present when someone discovers their new home.

Are your ready for your next "Movie Moment"? Let me help you find it.

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