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For nearly two-decades Teretha has served as an educator in the NC Public School System, sharing her unique talents to help develop the hearts and minds of youth in the community. In this treasured role, she dedicated her time and energy to establishing positive and meaningful working relationships with students and their families which bring tangible benefits that she willingly shares with others. Teretha takes pride in bringing integrity, energy, creative service, and exceptional value to every endeavor. While many may describe her as task-oriented and intentional, all would agree that she exhibits a level of genuine care and concern while working with them that makes each person feel as though they are the most important person in the room. This has given Teretha a reputation as a major asset for anyone who chooses to partner with her.


Teretha was born and raised in Maryland.  Her passion for education brought her to North Carolina. A commitment to adding exceptional value to the lives of everyone she works with brings Teretha great pleasure and is part of the driving force behind her pursuit of excellence in the Real Estate industry. Many value her hands-on approaches, persistence and insider command of the tools needed to connect with others and build meaningful relationships in her sphere of influence.  


All of these unique qualities make Teretha a highly sought after and desirable trusted advisor in the Real Estate industry. If you are looking to sell your home, she can provide the services to help bring in ready, willing and qualified buyers to close the deal! If you are looking to purchase a home, she can provide the services to help you find the home of your dreams! In every interaction, Teretha is loyal to her clients and each one can be confident that she will offer a rewarding experience!


“I am in the business of building people! My commitment to providing genuine care and high quality service brings me great joy and ensures that all clients have a rewarding experience throughout every aspect of the home buying process.”




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