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All of the elements of home ownership fall into the scope of a good Realtor. Helping a client navigate not only the process of buying or selling their home, but also securing excellent workmanship when renovations or repairs are required. My goal is always to create a confident connection with my clients, to ensure they know they can rely on my help to locate all types of home ownership and management help!!! Once that relationship is created, I hope they feel like they can return to me in the future as a resource outside of buying and selling.


Allen Tate is the perfect company for me, the professionalism and incredible resources are top notch! I feel very confident directing home buyers and sellers to our Mortgage team, our Insurance team, and …..our Relocation Specialists. Allen Tate’s motto….”we are home”, it’s just true!


To offer a little background on me - A couple of decades spent in the Commercial Design Industry and a love for Home and Land combine beautifully to create a Realtor/Broker! Space Planning, Furnishings and Textiles have been my professional life up until the last three years. I held a 10-year Sales Management job in the Commercial Furniture Industry, and have managed my own Sales Path independently selling Textiles for the last 12 years. I made the decision to combine my experience with my greatest interest to fine tune my career path into Real Estate.


As a native of North Carolina, I am very familiar with the history and just the every day beauty of this mountain and coastal state. A number of years ago I arranged and managed for my family, not only a move to the mid-west for a short stint, but also a 4 ½ year time spent in Europe that started with an International move. Those two life events will forever offer a sense of understanding and compassion regarding moving and totally relocating in general. If you are in the position to purchase or sell your home, or if you need expert advice on where to start, reach out to me and let’s make a plan! I will walk through the entire process with you in home ownership, and be your strongest advocate!


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