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Christopher Wilbanks

Moving across the country, from Arizona, Melinda was fantastic. We started working her weeks before we even stepped foot in North Carolina. Working with Melinda and the web portal to narrow our search on our scouting trip helped us because Melinda had agendas for every day to get us into as many homes as possible within our trips window. Once we had a house picked and earnest deposit made it was back to AZ leaving Melinda to handle every in person issue that arose. Melinda was giving updates, deadlines and feedback on everything going on, she was as asset to have during this entire process and was great to work with her. Having someone local to understand the buying process and give us insight into areas and neighborhoods was where Melinda shined, and when the time comes for us to move again, we will absolutely be tracking Melinda back down to help us sell and buy again.

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