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Mark began his Career in Real Estate while attending Winthrop University "School of Business" in the Late seventies. He was employed by Albright Realty in his home town of Rock Hill. Mark performed various tasks needed to maintain Investment Rental property. Ex Mayor "Icky " Albright and the staff at Albright Realty shared their knowledge with him and aided in Mark's first Purchase Transaction . Mark became a landlord and began a contracting company called Exterior Expressions. Mr. Hamrick signed and fulfilled design and installation contracts with General contractors, builders, businesses and over a thousand local Homeowners during a 25 year span here in York County. His experience with contract language and negotiations will insure you receive GREAT REPRESENTATION when you choose him as your Realtor.

Exterior Expressions incorporated in the late Eighties as Skidmoor Corporation. This structure enabled Mark to operate his contracting company , develop land and Run his Plant farm "Hamrick's Nursery" under 1 roof. Mark could never stop Dabbling in his first Love, REAL ESTATE. Mr. Hamrick became a S.C. licensed Realtor in 1997 . Due to other Business demands He never gave Real Estate the time it deserved. He developed and sold a few business lots and a handful of residential lots when time permitted, but his core business took priority. Mark began making plans .

Fast Forward to 2007. Mark's Real Estate license is in (inactive status), Design Contracting is slowing down, Nursery Sales to the construction sector falls sharply . Something in his gut said "Wake up Skidmoor" this market's trying to tell you something. 1 Month later Skidmoor Corporation sold the Farm and business and took a wait and see position. 2008 saw our economy and the Banks collapse . Mark took some time off and dreamed of better days. Too young to retire and too restless to sit, Mark needed something to sell. Nothing was selling, businesses were failing, then that gut feeling returned. Walmart was the only business expanding. Out of work people needed the lowest prices possible. What was the only thing they did not sell? Liquor. Mark opened an ABC alcohol store at Newport Walmart. It sold so well that the largest store in town made him an offer He could not refuse. O'darby's bought him out.Still too young to retire, Mark contracted to mow the grass at the Complex . Somebody had to do it. Mark rode that mower dreaming of better days.

We as a nation survived. The Real Estate and construction market took the worst hit during the economic collapse. Allen Tate Realty came thru the storm bruised but triumphant. Mark cut grass and Planned his return to REAL ESTATE. When the market took an upswing , Mark enrolled in Fortune Academy . He graduated from their REAL ESTATE program, retook the exam, reactivated his license and Joined the strongest Firm in town.

Too young to retire and too restless to sit still. Mark lives out his dream, 1 house at a time. He will share his knowledge , his time and his experience with you. If you need to sell, let Mark negotiate on your behalf. If you want to buy, Mark will walk you through inspections and treat you with Honesty. Your home is too Important to trust a part time inexperienced person with it. Call his cell phone 803-493-2255 to get his gut feeling about any of your REAL ESTATE questions.

Fast Forward to 2017 and Mark has settled into the Realtor Life and has closed Millions and lands consistently in the Top Producer and VIP club. Mark is ready to help you. Send him an email Today and tell him your Dreams.

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