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From Marcia Vaughn . . .

Here’s how I came to understand the world of real estate and relocation . . .

I’ve moved from the North to the South, from a small town to a big city, from one college town to another, from being near family to being near none, and did so while purchasing new homes each time.  With each of those moves, my husband and I changed jobs, settled our children in new schools, located new doctors, made new friends, hunted for a new church, joined civic groups, identified shopping centers, found favorite restaurants, all of it hard work as we reached out to become part of our new community.

Here’s what I know for sure . . .

Moving and especially relocation can be scary, exhausting and stressful, but most often it ultimately proves a fun, exciting and rewarding adventure that results in an individual, couple or family settling into a home and lifestyle that suits them well and improves their quality of life.

How I can help buyers . . .

By being a trustworthy advisor and confidante, and a tenacious advocate for your wants and needs. By working persistently on your behalf to find the home that’s right for you while CAREFULLY hearing and heeding what you’re telling me throughout the process. 

How I can help sellers . . .

By working hard to earn your trust as you offer me the privilege of presenting your home to the real estate marketplace.  My guiding principle is to work diligently to price and market your property in a manner designed to optimize the financial benefit to you while hearing and honoring what you tell me you need to feel respected and protected throughout the selling process.

Who I am . . .

I was a social worker (M.S.W.) for nearly 30 years and enjoyed working with people in need because I was able to help them identify and utilize available resources for problem-solving.   I use similar skills – researching, resourcing, outreach, clear communication - when working with real estate clients, albeit in a much brighter light.  As a social worker, I developed the first U.S.-licensed adoption program in Kenya, worked with orphanages in developing countries and co-authored a guidebook on international adoption.  I’ve served as a board member, including in positions of leadership, for 5 non-profit organizations.

What’s important to me personally?

My family!  My husband, 3 kids and 2 grandchildren - they’re my everything.  For fun, I’m a hobby musician and as a singer, I’ve swung the pendulum from singing backup for a pop singer to singing in the chorus of Piedmont Opera.


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