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Thank you for visiting my website! I am proud to call Greenville, SC my home and the city that raised me. I have been fortunate to have traveled to many beautiful places throughout the world, being exposed to incredible cultures and unique experiences. I moved to Greenville, SC at a very young age and later on to Simpsonville, SC. So I have witnessed the change in the Upstate first hand. The upstate is my home and it has changed dramatically in recent years and continues to do so day after day. I am a graduate of The College Of Charleston with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education. 


I am a former educator who takes pride in educating, supporting and guiding others. As a teacher, something amazing happens everyday. The kids teach you, believe it or not that statement is true. As you are teaching them, they begin to teach you things in the process. Things that education, text books and seminars won’t be able to teach you on your journey to becoming a teacher. They teach you what it means to be a good friend and even a good person. To work hard regardless of the obstacle ahead, to be a dreamer in a world where people tell you what you can and can not do, to stay true to who you are as a person, and that mistakes are there to be made and you can learn the greatest lessons from them. Those lessons are near and dear to me. They have carried over with me into my career in Real Estate, as a part of me. 


As a Full Time Realtor, I am here to serve you and do my best to help you with your real estate needs. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell your home, the main goal is to get that job done. I work with buyers, sellers and can also help with relocation deals. I will work hard for you to find your dream home, market your current home, negotiate and represent you throughout the entire process of the transaction. I like to emphasize the fact that I work for you and represent you. I strive to exceed your expectations and help you attain all your needs. As a local of The Upstate, I have been able to learn a lot and keep up with the market, which is growing and changing rapidly. I am here to educate, coach, and guide you throughout the entire process as we work as a team, together to reach our goals. I strongly believe that with my experience and knowledge of the area, that I am the REALTOR for you. 


Although Real Estate transactions occur with adults, I still strive to make an impact on children and our community. I work as an Academy Coach at Carolina Elite Soccer Academy in Greenville, SC. This gives me a chance to continue working with kids and to make a positive impact on them. It also allows me to give back to a sport that has given me many opportunities in my life.


Feel free to explore the featured listings on my website and click the menu button at the top right of the page for more options as far as searching for properties, buying, selling or signing up for emails. Contact me for any more information you would like at my phone number or email.





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