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My family came to North Carolina in 1973 and while I’ve been to many countries and most states, I love it here the most. I graduated from East Carolina University with a B.S. in Geology and worked for the NC Hazardous Waste Section for 29 years. As a Hydrogeologist, I oversaw the cleanup of many contaminated facilities.

I’ve always been fascinated with the growth and development of this area and in 1988, I found some land for sale by a timber company near Jordan Lake and was able to develop it into the neighborhood (Jordan Hills) where my family and I live today. Throughout the 90s I sold lots, located septic fields and established the Home Owners Association. I also designed and helped build my house and enjoy the ongoing process of ‘home improvement’.

As an owner of rental property and all around property geek, I understand that real estate is also an investment. Whether the property is your home or purchased as a rental, I can provide for you the information needed to help you consider the investment as one important factor when buying or selling.

Allen Tate has the resources and I have the desire to work with you as a team, to help you through the process of making informed buying or selling decisions.

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