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It was a dark and stormy night! Okay, it might have been night, but, I’m not sure about the stormy part. The point is, I wasn’t born with the dream to carry around a little briefcase and become a real estate agent. My dream was to be a radio and television sportscaster.

And for more than 25 years, I went to the Daytona 500, The Final Four and the Masters. I met Michael Jordan, Dale Earnhardt, Bob Hope and even President Gerald Ford. However, life has a way of re-writing our stories.

The real estate chapter began in 2001 with my wife, MaryKay. We are now the Spouses That Sell Houses.

People tell us all the time they want a one-story or a two-story house. But, I have learned homes have dozens of stories. In those stories, I find satisfaction, challenge, success, and sometimes failure; but each result helps me to better understand and serve my clients.

As a child… raised by a single mother, I have a heart for the ‘mom client’ that needs a protector, someone to be on her side as she strives to provide a safe and stable home for her children.

As a son… taking care of his mother in her final years, I respect the adult child who later must sell their mother’s last home… and what was their first home. 

As a friend… to a family with a special needs child, we have learned he didn’t need granite counter tops or hardwood floors, he needed freedom from the body he was trapped in. It came from a house that few wanted; dead end street, the lovely wooded backyard cut down to make way for a 300 car parking lot, but, used only on Sunday mornings for church goers. Where, for 6/1-2 days of the week, it is the little boy’s sanctuary; it is his haven, his freedom to drive his little blue motorized dune buggy and, for a few minutes, feel like any other kid.

Yes, we buy and sell houses, but, more importantly, we help you find your way home.



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