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* We can do everything paperless and remote if needed in our current environment.  I can even show you properties via facetime!

It's all about the Why

I’m told that I’m the closest thing to a Charlotte native you will find these days.  My parents relocated to Charlotte from Long Island, NY when I was two years old.  I grew up in south Charlotte and have experienced the immense growth of our area over the past 40+ years.  After college, I felt Charlotte calling me back and I settled down in both the Matthews and Ballantyne areas. My original career in IT Management spanned 20 plus years and provided me with extensive experience in commercial construction project management, vendor negotiations, relationship management, and social media marketing.  After I completed my Master’s, I moved to the Lake Norman area over a decade ago, and my wife, daughter, and I chose Davidson as our home.  

Enough about me from me...  I do not know many people that enjoy talking about themselves so I will let a recent client speak for me:

"Working with Chris Evans has been a total joy. I actually met Chris with a blind walk-in to the Allen Tate office in downtown Davidson, as we are new to the area and I did not have a referral. Chris, from the outset, was patient, kind, open-minded, and utterly professional. He never once pushed us in any particular direction with our house hunting; he proactively sought out houses that matched our criteria in terms of location and price and listened to us with care. As a local, Chris’ in-depth nuanced knowledge of the community and its various neighborhoods proved invaluable for us during the decision-making process. Thus, he proved to be an experienced expert whose only agenda was to help us to identify and secure a house that would make us happy. And he succeeded, with rigorous, punctual, and detailed proactive assistance at every stage of the process. He is an efficient communicator and was always available and always quick with all communications. Chris never did just the minimum: he would always think about the types of things that needed to be done ahead of time, and went, in my opinion, way above and beyond what I expected from him. Further, and I think this matters perhaps most of all, Chris is pleasant, kind, friendly, patient, easy-going, and spectacularly capable. I’d work with him again in an instant. Chris Evans is the first friend I made in Davidson and could not recommend him more highly. He is 1,000% trustworthy, spectacularly knowledgeable, gets things done, is non-pushy, and a gem of a person. Sure… Allen Tate, overall, is awesome, but Chris Evans is the jewel in its crown."
-Eric Mortensen

Remember to relax and breathe...  You can do this and I have a great team to help this whole process go smoothly while we exceed your expectations.

Let’s do this and enjoy the journey!

* Scroll down below the "Featured Listings" pictures to see some helpful pre-configured searches I have created based on client feedback.  If you would like me to create a custom search for you just let me know.


The 8 steps you need to know about how to buy a house in 2020: (you can't view all 8 on mobile devices)

Step 1: Review your credit score

  • Unless you’re paying all cash for your new home, mortgage lenders will want to see a copy of your credit report.

TIP:  If you aren’t pleased with your score, work on improving the following items that help to positively affect your score:

  • Make payments on time, every time
  • Pay down debt
  • Don’t close any cards
  • Don’t open any unnecessary accounts

Step 2: Figure out how much can you afford 

  • Lenders typically like to see borrowers keep their monthly mortgage amount (including PMI, taxes, and insurance) to about 28% of your gross monthly income (income before taxes).
  • Likewise, it’s a good idea to keep your total debts— including your monthly mortgage payments and all applicable taxes and insurance— at or around 36% of your gross monthly income. (Debts are anything you’re obligated to on a monthly basis.) 

Step 3: Understand what a mortgage pre-approval is and why it matters

  • In 2020, the housing shortage will impact demand, meaning buyers need to get pre-approved for a mortgage to let sellers know they’re serious. I have a mortgage teammate, Elaine, that can get this done for you, or she can simply answer questions you might have and you can still use whichever lender you want.  (Knowledge is power)

Step 4: Find a real estate agent that’s right for you

  • When you find the right agent you will want to sign a buyer agency agreement to protect private home buying conversations that you have with your agent.  Find an agent who listens to your Why.
  • I certainly can help with this and the Allen Tate team makes everything easy during the entire process.  One-stop shopping to alleviate anxiety.

Step 5: Shop for homes

  • The fun part, finally! When you work with a Realtor, they’ll likely set you up with alerts so that you can be the first to know the moment a home that matches your criteria hits the market.  I have some pre-setup searches below that will help you get an idea of what is currently available.

Step 6: When you find the one, submit an offer

  • I will write this up for you.

Step 7: Line up an appraisal and home inspection

  • Unless you’re paying cash for your new home, obtaining a home appraisal is the next step. Borrowers in need of financing will need to obtain an appraisal.  Your lender will set this up.  I will set up the inspection(s) for you during the due diligence period.

Step 8: Close on your home

  • If the appraisal comes back on target and the home inspector doesn’t identify any major red flags that make you second guess your offer, you’re in the clear to prepare for closing.

Once all money has been exchanged and the last paper has been signed and recorded by the attorney, congratulations— you’re now a homeowner!


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