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Throughout my childhood, I looked forward to my parents uttering the words, “Kids, pack a few things because we’re going “down home” to North Carolina to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!"  You would have thought Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy had just rained down presents, treats and goodies galore!  My five siblings and I would cheer and shout expressions of elation and excitement knowing the fun that awaited us “down home,” a term we affectionally referenced to my mom’s hometown of Raleigh, and my dad’s hometown of Winston Salem.  Although the crowded mini-van ride from Maryland to NC was long for our short adolescent attention spans, the yearning for the fresh Carolina air, delicious & decadent Caroline cuisine, and fun filled adventures made the trip worth the toil.

Fast forward many years later, a Master Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, careers in the Educational, Political and Non-Profit field, being happily married and a stay at home mom of two girls, it was time for a family adventure, a change.  In 2013 we sold our home in Maryland and relocated to Raleigh.  Like any life transition, uncertainty seems to pair itself with the excitement of new beginnings and change, however; I knew Larry and I had made the right decision to move, because the same nostalgic feelings that flooded my heart and mind decades past resurfaced as we unpacked the U-Haul.

I chose to become a North Carolina Real Estate Broker because I take pride and pleasure in providing insight, direction, and encouragement to anyone reaching for a goal.  Whether the client is selling or purchasing a home, I want him/her to feel empowered, happy, and hopeful on their real estate journey. I desire that everyone live in their “down home” dream.


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