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A real estate enthusiast my whole life, I have found my passion: Buying and selling homes for clients with a wide variety of needs and desires. My work ethic, proven by my successful academic career at New York University, is applied to every endeavor I take on in life, and I promise to bring the same energy to realizing your homeownership dreams. I have a degree in design and fine art, and my creativity and the aesthetic I’ve developed through my studies is perfect for a buyer who needs guidance with tapping into the potential of their new home.


In a previous life, I took over a failing restaurant and significantly increased its profits, and through this experience, I learned the crucial importance of providing exceptional customer service; I care about my clients, and I want them to have the best experience with me. I’ve lived in major urban areas such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, so I know the huge effort that’s required to make a major move, and I’ll do all in my power to make sure your purchase of real estate in North Carolina is as smooth and organized as possible. I’ve lived in North Carolina for ten years, (specifically in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Lake Norman), and this has given me a strong familiarity with the state’s markets.


Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina

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