Spring Market! - It's the "dream time" for sellers and buyers. Houses start looking great, and show their best side.
To cash in on this market, obviously some work needs to be done in making the house appealing from the road (curb appeal). Cleaning up clutter, and getting rid of those pesky "gum balls" from the trees!
But it may also be the time for you to make up your mind to take the plunge and enter the housing market.

Usually this begins with a phone call to an agent you know, or perhaps to call a friend for a recommendation.

More often than not, connections to a Realtor are by word of mouth, or personal friendships.

True, I have made sales in this manner. But I wish it would be by "work ethic" or "effort put in" - most agents are happy to send out volumes of paper, or spend hours on calls, but the great agent will take time to come and see you, to sit with you and take the time to understand your needs and dreams. There is NO substitute for face-to-face conversation.

I hope that your dreams become a reality this year and you find a home that you can call your "dream home". I would love to help you in that pursuit, to come and sit down in your home or at my office and take the time to understand the process.

Buying or selling a home can be a complicated, convoluted and downright difficult path - - BUT I KNOW THE WAY!

In today's world, you do not see many Realtors knocking on doors and engaging people face-to-face, rather, homeowners are bombarded with paper/mail/flyers, and sometimes phone calls (do not call list!)
I wish that agents would learn the value of personal contact.

One of the strangest phenomena I have noticed is texting between teenagers. They walk past each other in the mall and they're conducting a conversation on their smart phones rather than face-to-face. It's crazy, impersonal, but it's so hip!

Why can't we put "personal" back into the Real Estate business. Perhaps it is because we're so dependent on high tech, we have no idea how to conduct meaningful personal conversation anymore, or worse; we just see homeowners so impersonally?

I love (that should read LOVE) to talk to people, to listen to their "story" (everyone has one) and get an idea of their dreams regarding their home.

There is nothing neater than seeing the gleam in the eyes of first time buyers when they find the house they love, or the thankfulness of people who have had a huge debt burden lifted when they have downsized.

Sitting down with a retired couple who are about to move to a retirement village and sell their home of 45 years. You can't do that over the phone!

That's why I "pound the streets" and have a hundred stories of chatting with people on their front porches, sometimes invited in for a cup of tea.

This is what I believe is the crux of Real Estate business in my model

Buying or selling home, a relationship with a reliable, honest and professional Realtor is extremely important.
Often these relationships will extend for many years, as homeowners needs change.
Research has shown that Homeowners who have had a meaningful relationship with a realtor, will call back to ask for help in finding their next home.

My research has shown that when all parties conclude a relationship amicably, the feeling of satisfaction will remain for years in the future.

I call this an "exchange relationship", where both homeowners and their agents offer something in the deal, and both get something out of it.

And so it is important, in my mind to choose well, in choosing an agent.
Some will choose a good "salesperson", in the hope that they can just get the deal done.

But the really smart people will choose an "educator" - namely someone who can show them the way, and teach them the important rules about real estate.

A great example of this is found when you think of people you know who are "house poor" - a HUGE portion of their income goes into the payment and upkeep of the white elephant they have bought from a "salesperson", only to find that they have to scrimp and save and struggle to maintain the place, pay the mortgage, and generally have their time and energy and finance fall into a bottomless pit.

My business model is to educate people in making smart choices. Particularly younger couples (millennials) buying their first home.

With my professional input, I believe they will be set for life, in making great choices for all the homes they might purchase.

I am working with sellers internationally in South Africa, Portugal and Italy.

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