Rob has been buying and selling real estate in the Triangle since 2006 and remembers every house and client he has helped along the way. Experience matters with this type of investment and with close to 100 families moved, including his own, Rob is thankful for the opportunity to be a trusted real estate broker and consultant. He has developed a strong relationship with area builders through his broker experience and membership with the Home Builders Association and earned the Certified Green Professional designation for his commitment to and education in building high-performance homes.

Rob grew up in Roanoke, VA, attended Hampden-Sydney College, earning his B.A. in Management Economics before settling in Jackson Hole, WY. Rob developed his first career path, hotel management, while enjoying the immense outdoor paradise of the area and after several years of hotel management experience, he chose to attend VA Tech for his Masters in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Rob has naturally blended his hospitality and real estate brokerage experiences to go further for his clients, as he recognizes the many reasons a home changes hands……the new addition to the family, the family moving in together, new jobs and promotions, injuries and illness, or partners and families re-prioritizing goals. From start to finish, Rob is there to mark the way.

Today, there are more ways to look at real estate & websites that market ‘valuation’ or ‘guestimates’ than ever before. They are fun to peruse but not one of these websites will answer your question or phone call, provide local advice, build value through introductions to other experienced professionals in finance, insurance, and home services.

Don’t take on unnecessary risk, call ROB and leverage his experience so you can leverage yours!

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