Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina already had its advantages, but living on the campus of one of the most beautiful places on earth (Wake Forest University) was just special. I played basketball and soccer in high school, but one day my coach came to me and said, "Milner, if you are going to play in college, you have to pick a sport." So my height picked basketball.

I played basketball at Wake Forest with Randolph Childress, Rodney Rogers, and many of my dearest friends. Playing basketball at Wake Forest changed my life, and put me on a wider pathway than I had ever imagined.

Just two years after graduation my life changed even more. I had a life altering experience in 1997, which led to having a blood clot the size of a softball in my brain. I put on the brakes, and slowed down for several years. After many years working at Reynolda House Museum of American Art, I entered into ministry by going to Duke Divinity School.

But my love of people began with my parents and my brothers. Our deep family ties gave me great values and vision to forge a lifetime of service and life in community.

While at Duke, I married the love of my life on August 4th, 2001. Anna Katherine Milner and I just celebrated our 15th year anniversary. Our children, Josie (11) and Silas (9) are happiest when playing soccer, and reading Percy Jackson books.

After almost 20 years of experiencing ministry in multiple settings, I have come back home-full circle. My 7 years at home with Silas, my years of preparation at Duke Divinity School, my years as a youth minister at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, my multiple years as a chaplain to the homeless, and a chaplain to the Senate, have finally crescendoed into a homecoming. Thanks to the wonderful encouraging words of my wife, and some friends, I have decided to follow the leading of that still small voice. I want to serve people, and I want to serve the wider community in a new and refreshing way. And this is why I am now a realtor. Oh, and did I say that I am like a kid in a candy shop when I am in houses. I just love them.

Licensed in North Carolina

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