My love of people began with my parents and my brothers. Every summer we would pack our car to spend a week with my 20 first cousins in Pawley's Island, SC. And I loved everything about that family togetherness. But I always remember one moment. I had always wanted to buy the "Pawley's House." I remember talking about it as a large family. I pitched the idea of our extended family buying it for 1 million dollars. This was in 1987. Suffice it to say, we didn't buy it, but it got me thinking. A few years later, I can't stop thinking about Pawley's, and one of my earliest passions- HOMES.

Our deep family ties gave me great values and vision to forge a lifetime of service and life working for and within the local community. God's road lead me to ask my dear wife to marry me in 2001, and we have two beautiful children to add to our number. Graduation from Duke Divinity School in 2004, meant that I had a calling to serve, and with this call came my service to the great State of North Carolina. I was appointed Senate Chaplain in 2011 to help lead our leaders as they forged ahead as a State. This experience taped into another of my passions, my love of supporting people through difficult times of decision.

After many many years of serving the State and local community, I have now transitioned quite successfully into the field of Real Estate. I have now negotiated multi million dollar deals, sold $40,000 parcels of land in South Raleigh, and watched dear friends sail into a home in Knightdale, NC. I have lived in Midtown Raleigh and North Raleigh, but I have deep experience that crosses lines as far as Durham, Apex, and Cary, NC. The bottom line is this. I love what I do. I am ready to help you, and experienced to do the hard work.

Licensed in North Carolina

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