As a professional interior designer with over 15 years of experience, I understand the difference between a house an a home, and know how to flush out my clients' vision of their perfect home, which is both the structure and their furnishings. I became a REALTOR to help people find a home that speaks to their family-- their values, history, and how they live.

My experience has led me to develop a theory, the Seven Stages of Home, because home is so much more than just the building we live in.

Stage One: You. Our personality, disposition, likes and dislikes all set the tone for our home, and without us, it doesn't exist.

Stage Two: Your family and those you love. Our home is love- it's a financial investment to secure our financial future as well as a place to protect and live with our family. They are the heart of the home.

Stage Three: Our furnishings. We cannot enjoy our home or family without them, and our furnishings define the culture of our family. When we factor in our social disposition- introvert or extrovert, our communication style- visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, and how we think- linear or non-linear, to our furnishings, we create a place that reduces anxiety and nurtures us.

Stage Four: The home itself. It's our own counry and keeps us safe. It's where we put our hope and dreams, formulate plans for the future, and it shapes our memories. When we are finished with it, it flips back to our investment. We cash out and it becomes the place for someone else's dreams.

Stage Five: Our neighborhood. We choose them for various reasons- location, the landscaping, status, and a multitude of other reasons. It's how we go from a private space to a public one, because our home shapes our street which shapes our neighborhood, which shapes our city.

Stage Six: Your community. This includes your local shops, restaurants, and parks, your workplace, and your friends. It's your home and family outside of your true home and family. When we're out and want to go home, we mean the structure.

Stage Seven: Your city. It's the architecture, the culture and vibe, the people, your collective values. We share social and weather events, our government the roads, and public places. When a local does well, it lifts our pride, when there's a crisis, we step in to help. When we're away, we dream of being home, which is not just our house, but seeing the first glimpse of our town.

Real estate is so much more than just a house, but where you will build a whole new life for yourself. I would love to help you find and create yours.

Most importantly, I have Allen Tate, one of the top agencies in North Carolina, and a wonderful team of industry professionals behind me to make the buying and selling process go smoothly and take care of all your needs.

Please give me a call and we'll chat about how I can help you.

For more information on my design work and home philosophy, please check out my company, nBaxter Design*, and my blog, the Emotional Home*.

Design consciously, live beautifully.

Licensed in North Carolina

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