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Susan Catoe- Allen Tate Insurance

I am committed to making your Real Estate experience positive and fulfilling. You found me! Welcome to my website! I am absolutely thrilled that you are here, main reason being you want to get to know more about me and what I can do for you in your home sale or home purchase (and sometimes both). That's a very loaded question, and is nearly impossible to gather from a two dimensional page with some fancy buttons on it. However, while you are here...and, thank you again for landing on my home page, I can at the very least show you around so that you can maximize the tools that I have for you to browse through, and maybe, just maybe, tell you a little bit about myself as a person and a Realtor.

-Just above my Bio line, you will see two names: Peggy Jennings with Allen Tate Mortgage and Susan Catoe with Allen Tate Insurance. They are my partners in giving you the absolute best service while purchasing your new home. They are easy to talk to, very reliable, and tenacious as can be when things get tough; a quality I admire greatly. Before you even begin looking for a home, go on ahead and give Peggy a call or hop onto her webpage to fill out the easy prequalification application. You can do it pretty much anywhere. After you find the home of your dreams and maybe even after you have been living there for a while, give Susan Catoe a call. Many clients have left rave reviews about her ability to find the perfect insurance plan for them and maybe even save some money along the way. Who doesn't love that?

-The Quick Search Bar allows for you to find a house based on Street Name (no numbers, just the name) or the MLS number. From there, you can access quite a bit of information about a house you are interested in seeing. Need more info than that? Give me a call and I will be happy to share even more information and set up a showing. To look at my listings in particular and to show you the amount of detail I put into each property I sell for my listing clients, simply click on View Featured Properties.

-Under Recommended Links are a few organizations I am passionate about. I love the arts, schools, and taking in a local game every now and then. This is also great if you are coming from out of town and are wondering what our little slice of Heaven has to offer.

-Recommended Searches, I must admit is a work in progress, but for the time being, you can check out all of the homes in the immediate area of where I work.

-On the right, just next to my Bio are two links for buyers and sellers. The First to Know program link will put you, the buyer in charge of creating a customized home search experience. The Market Report is an interactive monthly mini market update for your neighborhood or even your general area. You can tailor both of these experiences for your needs. And they are both FREE!

-Below my Bio are two more links, the Market Snapshot and Market News, generally presented by our President and CEO, Pat Riley. Good guy, Pat. Pretty good at the claw game and go cart racing at Adventure Landing, too. Allen Tate, our Founder was passionate about having the most educated Realtors representing his company so that the public would be more educated about what was going on in their market. These videos generally update quarterly and are great resources no matter where you are in the Real Estate process.

-Finally on the right sidebar, you can view client testimonials. What better way to find out if a Realtor you are checking out is total rubbish or not. I have had the immense privilege of meeting wonderful people who I have worked hard for and have showed gratitude. I'm like Tinkerbell in a way; when my clients are happy and I know they are taken care of properly, I work even harder for them. So go on ahead and check out those testimonials and if you have landed on my page because you already know me and know what I do, go on ahead and leave me a testimonial. It would certainly brighten my day and I am forever grateful.

That pretty much wraps up the tour. I could go on about awards, qualifications, merits, etc. And while those are great in their own way, I am mainly looking forward to meeting YOU! This page was made for YOU! This page was created so that you may learn about me and compel you to reach out to me so that I can learn about YOU and help YOU with your Real Estate needs.

I look forward to meeting you, talking with you, and as said before, I am committed to making your Real Estate experience positive and fulfilling. Have a fantastic day!

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