Putting The Heart Back Into Home Sales for Over Five Years.


Real estate runs in my family. My mother has been a Realtor for almost fifteen years, and she introduced me to the "family business" as her assistant. I was charged with taking care of her listing presentations, and this simple "day job" soon became my passion. I applied for my own real estate license in 2011, and began dedicating my life to home sales.

Creative solutions...I began my career in the heat of the recession, foreclosures and short sales were still prevalent. Some called me crazy, but it was truly the best possible time to enter the market. Because of the extreme conditions in which Realtors had to work during the recession, I learned to adapt by using creative solutions to get clients into the homes of their dreams.

Everyone has a different goal, a unique dream, and individual circumstances. No one is cookie cutter, especially when it comes to home sales. As your agent, I understand that each and every client has specific needs, and I enjoy learning about them and helping you reach your goals.

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