I am a dedicated real estate professional with a devotion for helping people find their dream homes.

Originally from Michigan, and having moved to Illinois, South Carolina and then Charlotte, I have a great understanding of what really goes into a move. There are so many details to consider above just selling a current home and buying a new one. The list is long and includes large concerns like choosing a neighborhood in an unfamiliar town, where to live in the time in between houses and what kind of moving and storage you need; as well as smaller decisions such as new doctors, babysitters, and which cable providers are available. Fortunately I am more than qualified to assist you with everything you need and since I’ve personally been there a few times, I wholeheartedly understand what you’re going through.

I am a true people person and love to listen, whether that be to a buyer’s wants and needs or just an ear when the going gets tough. Either way, my clients are heard, understood and truly cared about; details that sometimes get lost in the fast paced, high stakes world of real estate.

People quickly find I have an uncommon eye for detail, a skill that not only allows me to assist my clients in finding exactly what they’re looking for, but also to point out elements they don’t see but can dramatically affect their decisions. Despite my friendly and cheerful exterior I am a tough negotiator and am not one to back down, I get my clients what they want and deserve.

My ability to sincerely understand my clients coupled with my passion for real estate allows me to stand out among the crowd.

Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina

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