I was born and raised on the coast of Southwest Florida. My family chose the Lake Norman area to move to because of the access to water, but also the plethora of other activities that are close by. My wife, one year old, dog Willow and I enjoy hiking in the mountains, kayaking on the lake, visiting the local Latta Plantation park for a picnic, disc golfing, and a number of other activities that are all within a short distance from our home in Huntersville. We chose to call this place home because it spoke to us in a personal way, and I want to help others who feel that same call.

Few brokers have the benefit of 12 years of professional photography behind them. My photography experience provides an excellent benefit to both buyers and sellers.

For Sellers
For sellers, the benefit is obvious, I am able to instantly take professional high-end photos of their listing for immediate upload with their listing. Additionally, every new listing has access to high-end videography, a service few agents want to pay for themselves. With marketing experience in combination with photography experience and a history of working with other agents to create work, I know what to look for and how to shoot from a unique perspective from both photographers and agents.

For Buyers

For buyers, they're getting a broker who is acutely familiar with many listings in the area. As someone who travels from property to property to photograph both for agents and myself for my own marketing, you're gaining access to that experience.

I am attentive to the needs of all of my clients. During my bachelor's studies in anthropology, I was taught to see the world from an objective point of view. It's not my job to project my own emotions and goals onto anyone's transactions, but to understand from their perspective what they want and work towards that goal. If asked, I am happy to provide my opinion and try to always be an open book with my knowledge.

Licensed in North Carolina

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