Kimberly Burgess is not your typical realtor. She’s an authentic open guide who patiently & professionally leads her clients from “house hunting” to “home sweet home”. Her rolodex is filled with satisfied home buyers & sellers who don’t hesitate to call their realtor-friend when it’s time to buy or sell their next residential property.

Kimberly loves the process of connecting people with their dreams! Connecting to & fulfilling her own creative, spiritual, professional and purpose-driven dreams is the work she’s committed to fulfilling in her own life.

Kimberly loves to make time for activities that bring her joy: playing basketball on a ladies league that she has started; taking dance classes (African’s her favorite); leading the faith based women’s group she founded; speaking from the stage to women about the power of creative expression & the faithfulness of God; and finding joy in coaching sports & raising her young son to be fully expressed & well rounded in his gifts & talents as well.

You’d think her plate would be too full for professional success, but Kimberly is special. She excels in business as she explores her creativity. Her first year at Allen Tate, Kimberly made the Winner’s Circle with 2-3 million dollars in sales! Every year, 90% of her sales are generated through referrals and from her openness & availability to others as she’s out living & loving life.

Ask her where her heart is in this expanding real estate market and Kimberly will tell you, “New Construction”.

New Construction is how she exploded onto the scene nearly 10 years ago. Her love & expertise for connecting ready buyers with lots & plans they love, created enough happy homeowners to grow the first contractor she worked for into a million dollar brand.

So if it’s expertise, professionalism AND passion you’re looking for in a realtor -- if you want someone who will help you turn your search for your dream home into the beautiful treasure hunt it is -- then call Kimberly Burgess today! She’s the realtor for you!!!

Licensed in North Carolina

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