My story:
Your SRES - Senior Real Estate Special -
Downsizing Specialist - Understand Your Options

I moved to Charlotte several years ago after working over 25 years as a Marketing Exec at a Fortune 20 high tech company. My mother lived here in an assisted living community and my sister married a native Charlottean and lived in South Charlotte. My husband I sold our large house in NY. We knew we wanted to downsize - we no longer needed the upkeep of over an acre, the high cost of NY taxes but now what? Where was the realtor that could help me with my options? All the realtors expected me to already know what I wanted - well I didn't. I wanted someone who could take some time and show me and explain to me what was available. Did I want to downsize to a smaller single family, a townhouse, a condo, how about age-restricted housing? Did I want to age in place? Where were the nearest healthcare facilities? That realtor did not exist for me. I decided to get my Real Estate license and focus on helping people like me "baby boomers" and "mature adults" who wanted to downsize or just make different housing decisions and get on with their bucket list" have the information they need to make the right decision for them and their family.

Why should you hire me as your Real Estate Agent?

I am a registered SRES, Seniors Real Estate Specialist. I will help you every step of the way.

Step 1: Understanding all of your buying options: Single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, retirement communities, age-restricted communities, assisted living, nursing homes, continuing care communities to find the perfect new home for you depending on your stage of live and current and future requirements.

Step 2: Home adaptions: Helping consider and understand the accessibility and safety issues that may prompt modifications for aging-in-place for safety issues such as grab bars, brihter lighting, etc.

Step 3: Meeting health care needs today and in the future. Helping clients understand what healthcare is available in the area.

Step 4: Financial & Legal: Reverse purchase or reverse mortgages. Help with a financial lender, legal counseling or tax specialists.

Step 5: Helping you with selling your current home: pricing, staging, showing, negotiating the sale and closing, packing and moving.

What if you are a buyer how can I help you?

If you are a buyer I understand customer service. You come first. Listening carefully to what you are looking for. Helping you find the right home for you and your family at the right price. My negotiating skills come into play here also. Working with you to get the best price and analyzing the marketing making sure you are paying a fair price. I won't let you make a mistake.

My other business skills that help me in Real Estate

Real Estate is very complex and I have learned that there is no detail too small. Everything is so important. My experience in finance, sales targets, marketing leads and reporting in general has taught me to pay attention to every detail. But the big difference (this is why Real Estate is more important) in Big Business all the details affect the price of the stock - in Real Estate it effects people's lives. That is why I love Real Estate. I have a chance to make a difference in someone's life!

I hope I have the opportunity to work with you as your Real Estate Agent - after all - Real Estate is Real Business!

Licensed in North Carolina

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