I am Irdi Sejdia, REALTOR with Allen Tate and I offer personalized and professional home marketing and home purchasing services to clients in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. I am committed to meeting every client’s unique needs with outstanding service and professionalism with a focus on innovation and results.

A little about me
I lived the first 14 years of my life in Albania. Never throughout that time did I think I was going to be leaving as soon as 8th grade was over, but I did. My parents came to me one day and told me we are going America. I can’t remember if that was the happiest day of my life or the saddest. See from there America is like the promised land, you get the opportunity to go there consider yourself lucky, but going to America meant leaving all my friends and family behind. We came to America sometime in the middle of summer and I only had about a month to even get started on learning English before I would start high school. Well, school started and I still couldn’t say or even understand anything. Imagine being dropped off to school that has 3000 students none of which you can communicate with, a campus so big you’re not really sure where to go. It’s so loud, everyone is walking in every direction and you’re just standing there and all of a sudden they all disappear all doors close and you’re still just standing there. Anyway four really fast years pass and I graduated, I couldn’t even distinguish myself from everybody else anymore. My accent pretty much disappeared, even though some people I meet still say they were able to pick up something there.

After graduating I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I went to CPCC at least to say that I wasn’t just doing nothing. After that I just started working. Tried different jobs but I wasn’t satisfied. One day I came up on some videos on YouTube made by a real estate agent. And I really liked what he talked about. I decided to ask a friend who is a realtor to see what he thought, and he had only good things to say. And so that’s when I decided to become a Real Estate Agent. As I was learning and going through the processes of becoming a Realtor I started working construction, which was a great experience. One I learned a lot about how houses are made, and what it takes to fix certain things, a great plus when it comes to working in real estate, and two it really taught me the value of working hard, and that’s why I am always willing and able to go above and beyond when it comes to serving my clients.

Why did I choose Allen Tate Realtors to work with?
Well if you’re going to go with anything why not go with the best. Allen Tate is part of Leading Real Estate Companies of the world. And what that means for you is that if you are looking to buy anywhere in the country we are able to connect you with a great agent in that area.

Languages spoken: English, Albanian

Licensed in North Carolina

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