Who am I? I have led a multi-faceted life. Growing up in varied locales such as southern California, Hawaii, North Carolina and Japan has given me tremendous insight into other cultures and perceptions. Joining the Marine Corps gave me an understanding of duty and commitment. Starting a film and video production company gave me a thorough understanding of the work ethic required to be an entrepreneur. Gaining my MBA allowed me to think more like a businessman while my MFA allowed me to retain and develop that 'other hemisphere'. Serving as an adjunct film professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington gave me a sense of accomplishment unlike any of my other experiences. My dad was a city boy (Pittsburgh) but my mom was a one-stoplight-town girl (NC) so I can feel at home just about anywhere. Now that I have, what sounds like my eulogy, out of the way - let's talk real estate.

Why me? First - let's talk about what's behind me. Allen Tate. The man might not be here anymore but his legacy is the fiber that is woven into every part of our organization. Our culture, our history, our reputation demands the best and I'm glad I have Allen Tate Realtors supporting me in this industry. I am not here to sell real estate - I am here to listen, to engage and to discover what our clients are really saying so that we can make this experience painless... even pleasurable. I have always carried a passion for real estate and helping others – the two most basic requirements for being an exceptional real estate agent. I will work hard, and smart, to give you the service that you demand and deserve. My goal is to remove the apprehension and anxiety and replace it with confidence and opportunity. You need someone knowledgeable, dedicated, available and willing - that's me.

Give me a ring, send me an email – either way let's talk about how we can get you moving.

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