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Mark Jenkins - Allen Tate Mortgage

For many clients, their homes represent a major investment of finances, time, and personal pleasure.
The internet has opened doors to an abundance of real estate information. But with all that information comes a need for a specialist, an advisor with the knowledge and experience to analyze the facts, dig into details and focus on goals.

Gretchen's background in economics, and former career in research and statistics for a commodity brokerage firm in NYC, provide her with the skills needed to meet the challenges of today's evolving real estate market.

Before becoming a RealtorĀ®, Gretchen experienced several corporate relocations, spanning diverse geographic regions. She became convinced that clients deserve MORE from their agent: more research, more accountability, more access. She has shaped her real estate practice to deliver the MORE that you deserve.

Each real estate client is unique, with specific needs, concerns, priorities and goals. Gretchen's approach consists of:
Listening - to identify client needs, concerns and priorities;
Market research - to find the right home that matches the client's preferred lifestyle and priorities;
Education - so clients have the knowledge and confidence to make sound real estate decisions.
Communication-to keep everyone on the same track;
Teamwork - working with industry specialists to ensure a successful and smooth transaction.

Gretchen has experience in a variety of geographic markets and the strategy needed to help clients in either a "buyers" or "sellers" market. She guides clients through the home marketing process with personal attention from staging to loading the last box on the moving van.
She carefully scrutinizes homes currently on the market (the competition), recent comparable sold trends, and market absorption rates. That analysis, combined with condition and location, are used to determine a market price.
A variety of technology and tools are used to market homes. The strategy is to position the property in front of as many buyers and buyer agents as possible, to inspire more interest, more traffic, and more showings.

For buyers, Gretchen's extensive research and review of the local markets enables her to identify opportunities, understand property values and negotiate effectively.
Gretchen educates clients on the home buying process from start to finish. For clients new to the area, she is a source of abundant information on the geographic regions of the Triangle. She knows what it is like to be the "newcomer" to town, and the need for information. Her focus is to turn "outsiders" into "insiders."

When working with long time residents of the Triangle region, Gretchen enjoys showing them a "fresh" perspective.

Gretchen strives to build relationships based on mutual trust and client benefit.
Whether marketing a property for sale or guiding a buyer through a purchase, she is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client's expectations.
Gretchen's hard work, positive attitude, integrity and dedication to service, results in happy clients -- the backbone of her success in real estate. She is with you every step of the way.

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