"What Would You Do If You Knew You Would Not Fail". When I started my real estate career I decided early on I was not merely going to be a "Salesman" talking people into things they may or may not want or need but instead an Advisor,"typically someone who is expert in their particular field". I take pride in finding out peoples true needs and helping them develop a plan to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Is an important trait of ones character. Integrity means uprightness of character, moral soundness, good behavior, honesty, fulfillment of promises, and strength of character. A salesman who does not have integrity of character will not be in a position to create a good impression upon his clients, customers and fellow Realtors. I pride myself in putting your needs above my own.

An Advisor should be trustworthy and reliable. He should take his work seriously and with responsibility. He should not give exaggerated promises. He must be truthful in his statements and honest in his dealings. If he is reliable, customers will have no fear of being cheated or mislead while purchasing or selling their home through him. I plan on being there for you.

It refers to the ability to work hard to achieve a goal. Unless I work hard, it is very difficult for me to acquire the detailed knowledge of my customers and their goals. Otherwise I cannot achieve my targeted goal. I, therefore, must remain active both mentally and physically to meet your needs.

Referring to the moral strength of a person. Sometimes a salesman may commit mistakes and make false promises, which may lead to an unpleasant atmosphere. But as your Advisor I must have enough courage to face such situations boldly. I should be thorough in my diligence and should be firm in helping you make your decisions.

Another good quality of a successful Advisor. A sincere man attends his customers sincerely and explains to them all the merits and demerits of the property. He also attends to the customers promptly. A sincere Advisor does not face any difficulty in achieving his target.

Determination is nothing but a will to succeed and go forward. Patience and perseverance are the ingredients of strong determination towards my duties and responsibilities. At times I may face resistance from the customers but it will not distract me from my original aims. I will work patiently and calmly for you to achieve this.

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