Hi. I have been in the real estate industry since 2002. Spent several years in Property Management and decided to further my expertise & become a Realtor/Broker. Moved from Raleigh to Concord in 2011. I enjoy the opportunity to help homeowners buy & sell their homes. Its equally exciting to help first time home buyers purchase their first home. Love Love Love looking at homes and seeing all the decorating ideas, and yes, I watch all of the reality real estate shows. My children consist of adorable yorkies. I must continue to thrive in this business to support them.

Everyone should have their 15 minutes of fame. Mine consisted of winning a MTV contest that was promoting an action movie. I met the star "Arnold S" before he even thought of becoming governor of California. There were so many stars at the events we attended over several days. Still dreaming of when my lottery numbers will come in. WOW, what real estate will I buy first. Until then I will enjoy every minute of working in the real estate industry.

Licensed in North Carolina

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