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Bobby Martin is a licensed Realtor in South Carolina. He was an active duty service member for 10 years, and has been stationed with the Colorado Springs Recruiting Company and in Fort Drum, NY. Bobby credits the Army for teaching him to celebrate diversity, adaptability, and perseverance. During his time with Colorado Springs Recruiting Company, he received numerous accolades including: The First Sergeant’s Recruiter of the Year Award, Top Recruiter of the Company three months in a row, and NCO of the Quarter for 4 QTR FY 2011.

Currently, he is pursuing a degree at York Technical College. During his time in service, he became a founding partner of Laken Investment Properties, LLC which is a Colorado based business. His spare time is usually spent outdoors, volunteering, and reading. He also spends a lot of time hiking and at the gym. Bobby is an avid reader of books usually consisting of American History and Investment Real Estate.

He takes pride in having the opportunity to serve York County, South Carolina and the surrounding areas with their Real Estate needs. Bobby values good work ethic and customer service by insuring his clients’ needs are met in a timely and organized manner. He continually keeps updated on the current real estate trends and housing markets to help ensure his clients make the best decision, whether it be a primary residence, vacation, or retirement home. He stands ready to serve his clients no matter what the market brings. His first priority is to always cater to the client’s goals and passions, while ensuring the client learns from and understands the real estate transaction process. Bobby loves “creating opportunities ” that help his clients reach their real estate goals.!!

Licensed in South Carolina

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