Top Design Trends to Follow in 2020

February 20, 2020 - By

If there has ever been a time to revamp your home’s interior design, its at the beginning of a new decade. 2020 will bring bold trends that will transform your spaces.

A common theme we will see this year is the resurgence of many older design classics: say hello to floral wallpaper, velvet furniture, canopy beds, rattan and wicker. We are doing away with all white kitchens and subway tile and welcoming in colorful cabinetry and natural wood. Use this guide to bring your home into the new decade.

Bold monochromatics

When modernizing older spaces with dated mill work and trim, enveloping an entire room in one paint color has the power to instantly make a room look more elegant. It nods to the history of the space without waving goodbye to it’s detailed design, which is a common theme we will see in 2020.

Floral wallpaper

Another trend with a hint of nostalgia, floral wallpaper will make its way back into bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Not in the baby pink powder room style that may still be lingering at your grandmother’s house, but in large-scale, bold patterns that bring vibrancy and color to any space.

Rattan and wicker furniture

This common back deck furniture has elegantly evolved from beach house basic to natural chic. You can expect this resurgence to appear in everything from light fixtures to coffee tables to dining room chairs.

Sustainable materials

In 2020, many homes are looking to amplify their organic aesthetic through natural and environmentally friendly decor and furniture. This will play out in the form of recycled wood, acacia furniture, ethically sourced pieces as well as an overall shift to warmer and earthier looking spaces.

Black and white

High contrast will step into the spotlight this year. We will see this achieved through bold contrast trims, dark stained wood with light-colored hardware and in black walls surrounded by lighter furniture and finishes.

Classic blue

Each year, over 10 million people in various industries look to Pantone’s color guidance to influence their design, production and marketing for the year. This year’s PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue was chosen for the way it instills calm, confidence, and connection. Expect to see this color make its way onto kitchen cabinets, furniture and walls.

Handmade goods

People will place more emphasis on local art and decor this year. We will see people gravitating away from mass produced goods and more towards pieces that they find a personal connection with because they have a relationship with the maker or company. 


The perfect marriage of comfort and luxury, 2020 will welcome velvet back into bedrooms, living rooms and offices. It’s bold and textured look will bring elegance to any room. Partnered with the return of geometric shapes, these 2020 trends will be a tribute to the 70s.

Non-white kitchens

This year we will wave goodbye to the decade long, all white kitchen trend and say hello to color pop cabinets, contrasting materials, and natural wood. Many designers are opting to paint islands or bottom cabinets a bold color while sticking with neutral tones for the floors, walls, and counter tops; creating balance with a colorful focal point.

Canopy beds

As you may have noticed already, many of these design trends are modernized resurgences from the past. While the purpose of canopy beds is no longer to protect from insects and cold drafts, the luxurious tranquility and royal ambiance it provides still remains.


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