Here’s what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers

November 28, 2019 - By

The Thanksgiving dishes are cleared, washed and put away, and the fridge is now the only thing that’s stuffed with leftovers.

Looking for some fresh ideas on serving up something new and different with all the turkey and side dishes? Here are some recipes we think look yummy—and good enough for any meal of the day!


Turkey is not just for dinner anymore! Think creatively and turn that turkey into an early bird! Consider putting fresh and leftover vegetables and beaten eggs with chopped turkey to make a breakfast frittata. It’s a great way to disguise yesterday’s dinner.

Serve cranberry tartlets alongside the frittata. They’re made right in a mini-muffin tin.


Dress up the traditional “next day turkey sandwich” by making it a Panini on delicious sourdough bread. Or consider this après Turkey Day twist and whip up turkey salad to spread on leftover rolls.

Serve those sandwiches with an unexpected soup that really puts a lot of those leftovers to good use, such as Rachel Ray’s potato and turkey soup with parmesan stuffing dumplings.

Feeling full? Go light with a salad of greens topped with cranberry vinaigrette or turkey, pecans and croutons made from toasted day-old rolls.


After a day of traditional Thanksgiving, thoughts and appetites may lean toward something out of the ordinary, such as day-after-Thanksgiving gumbo, leftover lo mein, or turkey spring rolls.

Pair a fresh-tasting celery and apple salad with turkey tetrazzini or leftover turkey chili with cheesy cornbread topping for a satisfying way to say good-by to all those leftovers.

After Dinner

And just in case you are still recovering from the stress of guests gathered around your table, mix up this delightful last salute to autumn and make a toast to the upcoming holiday season.

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