6 garage storage tips you need

September 13, 2019 - By marketing@allentate.com

Often your garage serves many purposes– a sports equipment storage space, mechanic shop, garden center, holiday storage corral, handyman’s workshop, and not to mention, your car!

Keeping an organized garage is the key to maximizing the space. Stuck on where to start? Here’s 6 life-saving storage tips for your garage.


When it comes to organizing your garage, it’s crucial to keep things categorized. Store all of the athletic equipment together and the shovels and rakes in a different corner so things are easier to find and put back. Also, put labels on storage bins and crates so you don’t have to dig through hundreds of boxes just to find one item.

 Install a pegboard

A fairly cheap option to make storing your belongings easier is to use a peg board. A nice bonus with this option is that it’s versatile depending upon what you want to store on it. You can add, remove, and move around things as you need. This is great for handyman tools so you can easily access any one at any time, but this also works for sports equipment or gardening tools.

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Create a “mud room”

If you don’t have the space for a mud room inside your house, the garage is a great alternative for storing rain coats and muddy boots and other items so less dirt gets tracked into the house. Adding cubbies or cabinets help kids store their own outdoor toys and games as well. Deep drawers provide for more organizations while the hooks can hang hats and coats.

Use the ceiling for storage

While this tip is a little trickier to complete, it saves loads of space in the end and frees up the floor. Screwing some 2x2s into the ceiling to create a track is an easier and efficient way to maximize your garage space. Just make sure there is enough clearance between the roof of your car and the bins!

Use your wall space

Storing things vertically takes up significantly less square footage as they are stored flatter this way. Install some tool hooks or an organization system to store you rakes, brooms, lawn trimmers leaf blower, and more. Using your wall space will help keep the floor tidy and clean, and it allows space to park cars. Plus, if nothing is on the floor, then that means everything has a home and is organized.

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Make space for a workbench or table

No matter if you’re a craftsman, a gardener or a mechanic, it’s nice to have a place to work on your hobbies. Creating a workbench helps make a designated place for this. You can lay out all of your tools and work on your projects any time you want.

Other garage storage hacks:

  • Put magnets on items to stick onto metal shelves and make the most of those spaces
  • Use window planters for organization
  • Use a coat hook rack for leashes, hats, gardening gloves etc.
  • Cut a slit in the lid of an empty coffee can and fill will twine or rope and pull through slit for easy to manage twine and rope
  • Use built in cabinets for storage; help conceal unsightly items or messes
  • Include multipurpose storage
  • Use corner shelves


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