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There is so much to do when relocating to a new home. Here are a few tricks that friends shared that made my move a little easier. I am happy to pass them on!

The most important thing is keep all important papers with you – passports, documentation for a mortgage, birth certificates, etc. While this seems like common sense, you are crazy busy during a move and it is easy to forget things.

Begin to de-clutter and donate items as soon as you think you may be moving. Or better yet, do it every year (Yeah, that’s a nice thought).

Don’t move what you don’t need. The cost of moving your items is based on weight. Donate or throw away items before you move. Consider buying new items at your new location to replace things that are heavy or hard to move, like a set of weights or a swing set.

Plan for arrival. Pack bed sheets in a dresser drawer, so you can find them and easily make up that comfortable bed. Having toilet paper, paper towels and some cleaning supplies accessible is also helpful. I also keep a few snacks handy. Nothing is worse than being exhausted and hungry.

Taping-Moving-BoxHire a credible mover with a proven track record. Any mover you use should be insured and bonded. Keep in mind they are taking everything you own and putting it in a truck – and you are trusting them to show up at your new home. The cheapest option is not always the best. Go for credible!

Change the locks. You do not know who has keys to your new home. Our neighbor has a key because he sometimes feeds the dog (and it came in handy when I locked myself out). We also have two friends who have keys to our home and there’s pretty good chance we won’t get those keys back if we move.

The last tip is one you can do to help someone else. When we moved to Charlotte, one of my neighbors invited us to dinner on the day the movers were packing and what would be the last night in our house. After such a hectic day, it was nice to sit down to a real meal with friends in a house that was not a disaster zone.

Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at moving. If you need help or have questions, email me at It is truly the little things that will make your move easier.

By DJ Stephan
President, Allen Tate Relocation & Corporate Services

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