A Day in Valencia, Spain

April 20, 2016 - By marketing@allentate.com

One of the benefits of being a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) is that I have friends all over the world.IMG_9521 With more than 500 brokers in the United States and 52 countries, I often have the opportunity when I travel to meet with someone I know from attending the annual conventions for LeadingRE.

My last trip abroad was no exception. Along with a dozen friends, I cruised for a week from Italy to Spain on the Viking Star. When we docked in Valencia, Jose Ribes Bas with Rimontgo Real Estate, a 50-year old company specializing in luxury properties, was there to greet us. He brought along two friends, Virginia and Tony, to spend the day with us as tour guides.

We hit the highlights of Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, situated on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula and fronting the Gulf of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea.

Our first stop was Jose’s office, where he was happy to show off all of the LeadingRE awards his company has won for their performance.IMG_9555

Valencia has benefited from strong economic development in the past decade, as a result of expansion in infrastructure and the commercial tourism industry. The city is now a premier destination for trade shows, conferences and conventions.

The port of Valencia is the fifth busiest in Europe and the largest in Spain. Population is more than one million. But despite this growth, Valencia has maintained its traditions and cultural identity.

A typical residence here is a condominium, often with 3 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms located in a renovated historic building modernized to meet today’s needs. Most condos feature high ceilings and marble or Spanish tile throughout, and sell for $350-450K (US dollars) depending on location and view.

Single family homes in Valencia are rare but can sometimes be found in historic buildings – at a price range of $3 million (US dollars) – and up.

We saw many housing examples as we walked through the city and toured the Market. This where residents purchase produce, meat, any type of seafood that you can imagine, and of course, local wine.

We finished our day with an afternoon lunch of squid, rabbit, and paella, a popular rice and seafood dish.

Thanks, Jose, for a fabulous day in Valencia. Another LeadingRE brokerage crossed off my bucket list!

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