Wherever you may be, if need someone who will help you find your next home or if you're looking for someone who will take selling your home as seriously as you do, here I am. What I do is help buyers and sellers meet their goals. How I do that is by listening to your goals, helping establishing a price that will help you get the most out of your investment or help you as a buyer get the most bang for your buck. Why do I do it? It's simple. I am in real estate for one reason -- to make a difference. I truly enjoy hearing your goals, your dreams and your future plans. I am excited to be a marketing partner for the seller and an investigator for the buyer. I may not talk to you everyday, but silence doesn't mean nothing is happening. Picture the duck, as it glides across the water. Well, if you look beneath the surface, the duck may be paddling furiously. This duck paddles furiously to help you meet your goals!

My 26 years of working with attorneys is a fantastic background to have in this business. Understanding legalese is not an easy thing. Attorneys sometimes use a $20 word when a 5 cent one will do. I can help you navigate those legal waters. I do not give legal advice, I am not an attorney and I don't play one on TV but my I can help you wade through the waters of the home buying and selling process. If you're a first time home buyer, that is so exciting!! I love to see someone buying their first home. It is a rewarding watching a first time buyer walk into a home and say "this is the one." My only piece of advice is if you see a home you like, you're mentally moving in, you can see your furniture placed in these rooms, then you may want to quickly make an offer. Too many times, the buyer waits a little to long and when they are ready to move forward, the home has just gone under contract and the opportunity is lost.

No matter where you are trying to move to and no matter where the home is located you're trying to sell, I can help you with that. My goal is to make a difference, one house at a time. Let me help you meet yours.

Member of the Rutherford County MLS

Member of the Cleveland County MLS

Member of the NC Association of Realtors

Member of the National Association of Realtors

Certified Short Sale Seller Designation

Certified Short Sale Buyer Designation

Licensed in North Carolina

2015 Masters Circle Award

2015 Client Relations Associate of the Year

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