Allen Tate Relocation offers the following services:

Corporate Relocation Policy Development
One of the key factors in reducing the stress associated with a corporate transfer is having a specific and concrete policy pertaining to relocation activity. For our corporate clients, Tate Relocation can review current relocation policy and make suggestions for revisions, or help develop a relocation policy to fit their needs.

We believe no company is too small for a relocation policy. If your company does not currently have a formal relocation policy, we’ll work one-on-one with you to develop a policy appropriate to the volume of relocation activity seen by your company on an annual basis. This policy would include all facets of relocation from transportation of household goods to selling the departure area property to selecting a new residence in the destination location. It would outline all the policies and benefits provided to employees.
Counseling Transferees
A dedicated relocation counselor will be assigned to each of your employees. The level of quality, one-on-one contact between our staff and transferring employees is what truly sets Tate Relocation apart from other relocation companies in the nation. Most members of the Relocation staff have relocated at least once themselves and can thus empathize with all aspects of the move. Between personal experience and the experience of moving thousands of people over the years, there is seldom a situation your transferring employees may encounter that we have not already faced.

Once the counselor has conducted a needs analysis with a transferee, we will select the best-qualified Realtor to work with the transferee. The counselor remains in contact with the employee throughout the home buying and relocation process, acting as an advocate and assisting with all the details. Counseling assistance for transferees is available after hours and on weekends.
Relocation Packets
Allen Tate Relocation provides customized relocation packets to each employee who is offered the opportunity to relocate. These packets contain information about the area where the employee would be transferred. For example, if the employee is moving to this area, information is provided on the entire region. Each transferee receives the Navigator Magazine, a newcomer’s guide exclusive to Allen Tate. This magazine features information on the area, including golf courses, public and private schools, colleges and universities, houses of worship and area employers for trailing spouses. It also includes tax information, how and where to get a driver’s license, attractions in each county, special events and health care. Similar information is provided on any area to which an employee is transferring nationwide.
Home Finding Assistance
Home finding assistance and area counseling are valuable services designed to ease the uncertainty of purchasing a home in an unfamiliar city within the time constraints of relocation. Narrowing down housing options and previewing area information are essential steps in making the most of a productive home search trip.

Relocation counselors develop personal home search information based on lifestyle needs and preferences for each relocating employee. Home finding assistance includes:

Selecting a highly skilled real estate agent in the area

Providing information about local real estate markets

Advising of a home’s appeal and future sale ability

Mortgage financing pre-qualification and establishing the employee’s price range

The Relocation staff monitors the entire home finding process. If our clients encounter any obstacles during the home finding process, there is always someone to whom they can turn, right up through closing.
Rental Assistance
Our counselors also assist your employees with their rental needs. The Center has a full-time rental assistance counselor who will help find the perfect apartment at the best price and inform clients about which apartments are offering discounts or special incentives.
Temporary Living
The Relocation Center also assists our clients with their temporary housing needs. The counselor can determine the availability of temporary housing and find the best price.

Tate Relocation has developed relationships with several corporate rental providers to offer a variety of options. Corporate rentals are driven by options such as location, services provided, time frame of stay, furnishing needs, etc. Because we have a full-time staff member dedicated to staying on top of industry fluctuations, we’re able to provide the most competitive options.
Marketing Assistance
Tate Relocation is a full-service, third party company offering marketing assistance to relocating homeowners to help sell their property. The employee’s relocation counselor will assist in selecting an agent who will provide a free competitive market analysis, and advertise, market and list their property. The counselor remains involved in the process until the property is sold and closed, assisting with marketing strategies and ensuring services are delivered.

The marketing assistance program is extremely helpful for employees faced with the time constraints of relocation. Your employees benefit from our professional counseling, pricing recommendations and documented marketing strategies that help maximize marketing efforts and facilitate a timely sale.
Corporate Homes
Allen Tate Relocation markets and manages corporate homes for third-party and in-house relocation clients. They are identified throughout the site by the symbol to differentiate these homes in our search results to provide greater exposure.
Household Goods Shipment
The most personal, and sometimes emotional, aspect of a relocation is the movement of personal possessions-family heirlooms, prized art, irreplaceable photographs, the children’s favorite toys. It is crucial that this part of the relocation process be a seamless transition from the old location to the new home.

Tate Relocation can alleviate your corporate administrative responsibility and therefore reduce your costs significantly. Your dedicated counselor will provide your employees with a detailed explanation of your Household Goods Carrier Management Program and review your corporate policy and guidelines. Employees will be able to communicate with us regarding any questions they may have about their move.

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