Welcome to My Website!

I’m Michael D’Antonio, and a now in my 12th year as a Realtor here in the SC upstate. Some call me NY Mike because I am a transplant from the NY area (Long Island).

Since being a Realtor here in the upstate, I have literally met 100’s of transplants like myself
that have come to discover the joys of being a South Carolinian. I first moved here shortly after the
World Trade Center Disaster with my family and found out that I was actually a country boy as opposed to a City Slicker. Loving the country landscapes and the great out-doors of the Carolina's and discovering that the south has so much to offer. With so much recent growth and new technology the Old South is as about as up-date and contemporary as just about anywhere in the country.

It has been my pleasure being a Realtor here and helping so many people find their Dream Homes as well as great investment properties and new business opportunities.
I have not only met some wonderful clients but made many new friendships along the way.

I’m Glad I’m here with my Wife and my Children and hope to maybe make your acquaintance some day in the near future. Feel free to search my site, and if you have any thoughts or questions give me a call. I would be more than happy to tell you all I can.

Thanks Again and God Bless America!
Mike D’Antonio ( NY Mike ) 864-915-1963

Licensed in South Carolina

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