Not everyone makes the choice to become a homeowner, but those who do all want the same thing: a house they love, at a favorable price and an easy closing. These are the three areas I will be of greatest assistance to you.

Finding a home that you love can be tough. But finding a home for another to love is an entirely new challenge. Like c'mon Becky, who doesn't love stucco? So how will I find a home that you will love? It's simple, by listening! Listening to and understanding others is something I not only take pride in, but have the utmost appreciation for.

Now lets talk money. Finding the home you love is one challenge, but finding that beloved home at the right price requires much more work. In order to obtain the right home at the right price, one must negotiate. Through countless parental negotiations as a teenager, to unthinkable trades in my fantasy leagues all the way to your front door (literally) I have negotiated with the best of the best and found myself on top more times than not ("thats what she said"- Michael Scott).

Finally the closing (no pun intended). Closings are rarely as simple as we hope they will be. I don't know about you but I hate surprises (just like the guy from the Discover commercials). Because of this, I have worked hard to develop proactive habits, allowing myself to address issues before they arrive. These practices have proven successful in Real Estate as I am always trying to figure out why a closing would be delated or hindered. As soon as I see any obstacle I address it immediately. Thus allowing for closings to appear seamless to you.

It is with great pleasure that I help guide you on this journey to homeownership. My goal is to find the house you love, negotiate a favorable price, and bring about closing with the greatest sense of ease.

Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina

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