Growing up, I spent many Saturdays and Sundays selling Girl Scout cookies, hawking lemonade and enticing buyers with poor juggling skills at my dad's Open Houses. Once I got older, I developed a slight Pinterest obsession, and addiction to and went on to work with a Real Estate technology company training Realtors. As I spent time in the field, I was flooded with ideas and creative tactics that I wished I could apply to my own business.

While living in the DC area I moved 6 times in 4 years, further cementing my passion for real estate and exploring neighborhoods. However, in all my moves, I never quite felt at home. I believe that also held me back from pursuing real estate, because I knew when I wanted to make the leap that I wanted to do it somewhere I'd spend the rest of my life.

My husband and I first visited Raleigh in February of 2017, planning to check out other metros like Atlanta and Nashville. About 2 hours into our trip over cocktails at Foundation, we agreed to forgo our other trips and made the decision that Raleigh would be our home. We ended up moving 2 days after our honeymoon in June of 2017!

We fell in love with Raleigh because it's a combination of all the things we love about where we grew up and where we've lived. It has an amazing food and drink scene, fantastic culture and the friendliest people we have ever encountered. It's a short distance to the mountains and the beach, which we absolutely adore. Most importantly, we felt welcomed immediately into a strong, open community.

My goal is to help newcomers feel the same warmth that we did when we chose Raleigh. I've integrated myself into the culture of the various areas, and I'm eager to share that with anyone who will listen. I hope to create clients and friends for life by making the home buying process fun and seamless. I aim to be humble and approachable, and to walk through each step educating my clients along the way. Whether it's your first home purchase or your last, I hope that we can learn together along the way.

Licensed in North Carolina

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