Welcome, my name is Keith Perkins a native of Lakeland, Florida however spent most of my adult life in Atlanta.

After almost 30 rewarding and challenging years in the Tobacco business was able to take an early retirement and look at new opportunities. Having purchased a lake property in 1999, and being a novice in the transaction I found myself with a property not suitable for what I had intended, and I felt like the Realtor who assisted could have done a better job of informing me of what I was buying. I was able to get rid of the property with a small loss, and subsequently purchased our first lake house, on a suitable lake lot. That chain of events had set in motion a thought for new career. I began my venture into Real Estate in 2004, and was fortunate to start with the Premier Lake Hartwell Agency.
This allowed me to spend more time at the Lake and finally a year letter my wife took an early out from her rewarding Corporate career and I joined her in Real Estate, funny how that worked.
We both feel like the values and structure that guided us through the corporate world could add value to a Real Estate transaction.
We have enjoyed a very rewarding and successful 13+ years in the business serving many, many satisfied clients and customers.
We have felt since the beginning that once you have made a commitment to represent a client we should give them 100% of our attention, and keep them informed of any and all aspects of the transaction whether good or bad.
While we split our efforts between Residential and Lake front property we make it a point to be very knowledgeable of both type transactions, as each can have their own unique needs and requirements.
As for Lake Property we have made it a point to be knowledgeable of the lake itself, the shoreline, water levels, and especially the requirements and restrictions based on Shoreline Usage as governed by The Unites States Army Corps of Engineers. We want every buyer to know and understand what they are getting when they purchase a lake property and how the USACE Rules might affect their decision(s).

We tell all our clients that our relationship does not end at the Closing Table and we are here to assist them as much as needed. We have been very fortunate to make so many acquaintances and friends through the Real Estate process.

We actually enjoy this career, and take extreme pride that once we have completed a transaction we have an informed and satisfied property owner.

Licensed in South Carolina

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