Having grown up in the South, I hold Charlotte, NC very close to my heart. I call Charlotte the "Goldilocks City," because it has just the right amount of what I desire in a hometown...
It's Southern, but not hokey.
It's big, but not overwhelming.
It's wealthy, but not snobby.
It's cosmopolitan, but not stuffy.
And it's clean, but not sterile.

My background is both broad and considerable, delving into some fairly extensive depths. I was going to include a number of the "most interesting" parts of my life, and written word just couldn't do them justice. To that point, I would love to take you out for a cup of coffee and discuss my time on-set with Lady Gaga and countless other celebrities, when I trained with the Israeli military, and even my most important decision of all: moving from Los Angeles to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I have over ten years of experience in retail, marketing, management, and sales experience. As a stylist, the most rewarding feeling that my job gave to me was the fulfillment I felt when helping a person's outer beauty accurately reflect their inner elegance. Establishing a trusting, positive, and honest connection with people (as well as helping them) have been the most crucial components of my work to-date.

Whether styling a family for their most special events, assisting hands-on in luxury real estate transactions, or even collaborating with artists in LA, my diligent work ethic and precise attention-to-detail have enabled me to excel. Reach out and connect with me to discuss real estate in the Carolinas...

Corporate relocation, moving around within the neighborhood, or even finding investment properties– I am more than happy to be of service!

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