I am a California native that moved to Charlotte in 2005. My husband and I moved our family and his business to North Carolina after making a trip here and falling in love with the Carolinas. We thought it would be a positive move for our 3 youngest children who were still in school and it turned out to be the best move for everyone. Since then our oldest daughter, her husband and 3 kids have also moved to Wilmington NC, and all of the grandparents have followed us to Charlotte and live near by. My 4 children are all grown now, married, in the Airforce, finishing a PHD and living their lives, but we still gather back together in Charlotte for family get togethers and consider North Carolina our home now.

Since moving here in 2005 I’ve seen ups and downs in the market but it seems to be making a steady comeback in the recent years. I’ve found my passion in helping others relocate, downsize or find a larger home for a growing family. I also have interior decorating in my background and enjoy preparing and staging homes prior to listing giving them an edge in the competitive market.

I have met so many wonderful new friends in my 13 years in The Palisades Community and love the daily outdoor workouts with my girlfriends. There is never a dull moment with friends and neighbors since we moved here. I always say when I get some free time I’m going to master my golf game, (that hasn’t happened yet but I’m working on it …) Until then my husband has to carry our golf score and keep us in the game. There’s nothing that compares to moving into a great neighborhood and feeling at home.

It was our moving experience prompted me to immediately get my license in North & South Carolina to assist our family, friends and company in their relocating here. We always enjoyed renovating homes and selling them in California and I decided to continue my Real Estate career here in the Carolinas. But it is my love for the south and the amazing people I meet everyday that make life most interesting after moving cross country.

I hope in the near future I have the pleasure of meeting and working with you to make your next move as great an experience as my own and remove some of the stress sometimes felt in the buying and selling process.

All my friends will tell you I’m a very outgoing person and love talking to new people, so if we cross paths please say hello. I look forward to meeting you!

Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina

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Richard Roskind, Real Estate Agent and Property Management service

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