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Allen Tate Mortgage  is affiliated with over 40 local and national lenders with more than 1,500 loan programs. Complimentary pre-qualifications and a mortgage consultant accountable to you.

Get pre-approved or pre-qualified online, or call one of our mortgage consultants to assist you.

8640 University Executive Park Drive

Suite A

Charlotte, NC 28262

Chris Cope, President

704-547-5600 / Fax 704-547-0225

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Allen Tate Insurance   is a full-service, independent insurance company representing top-rated national carriers. We provide competitive insurance rates for everything from homes and cars to boats and umbrella policies. 

6207 Park South Drive

Suite 201

Charlotte, NC 28210

704-547-5656 / Fax 704-547-9411 

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Allen Tate Relocation Services  can assist with individual or corporate moves to anywhere and from anywhere. We provide the latest information on the region's schools, transportation, employment and recreation in our Relocation Center. 

6700 Fairview Road 

Charlotte, NC 28210 

704-365-6900 / Fax 704-366-6941 

DJ Stephan, President 

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Allen Tate Corporate Services  provides companies with complete relocation services, including tours, policy consulting, equity funding, expense tracking, rental assistance, group move assistance, temporary corporate housing assistance, home buying/selling and household goods shipment. 

6700 Fairview Road 

Charlotte, NC 28210 

704-365-6900 / Fax 704-366-6941 

DJ Stephan, President 

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Allen Tate Special Assets Group combines the expertise of distressed asset specialists with an extensive network of skilled trade associates. The result is a single point of contact to manage your distressed properties.

6700 Fairview Road 

Charlotte, NC 28210 

800-277-6901 / Fax 704-366-6941 

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Allen Tate Home Services assists homeowners with everything from finding a moving company to locating reliable service providers for home repairs and improvements.

8100 England Street

Charlotte, NC 28273 

704-602-6600 / Fax 704-529-8150 

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Builder Services Inc.  (BSI) is the market leader in providing new home sales, marketing and consulting services to local, regional and national builders and developers.

6700 Fairview Road

Charlotte, NC 28210 

704-552-9512 / Fax 704-554-9633 

Mike LaRuffa, President 

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Allen Tate Professional Development  provides our associates with the most technologically advanced real estate training. We are proud to be among the leaders in per-agent productivity out of the top 50 national real estate companies. 

6700 Fairview Road

Charlotte, NC 28210 


Stephanie Fessel, Director of Professional Development 

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Allen Tate Administration

6700 Fairview Road 

Charlotte, NC 28210 

704-365-6910 / Fax 704-365-6908 

Mark Bardo, Vice President - Administration

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